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Our process at Imagine begins with a professional on-site design consultation.  Starting at $200, the consultation will involve a site analysis and in-depth property assessment with lead designer & owner, Michelle, who will use her expertise, knowledge, and artistry to begin envisioning a design that compliments your home, refines your personal aesthetic, and fits within an established budget. The consultation fee will be applied to the total cost of the project if you choose to move forward with UrbanLine.



The next step in our process is to turn the proposed conceptual design into a rendered visual of your project. A visual aid ensures the interface of thoughts and visions are consistent between the client and our design team. Within our design development, we internally ensure all specifications, municipality ordinance approvals, trade meetings, and materials pertaining to the conceptual direction are considered, communicated and identified to support the actual build process for the project. Design renderings vary in price but are roughly fifteen to twenty percent of the total cost. 


Not only does our design team help create your work of art, we help construct it too. You can feel safe knowing that the same people who helped draw up the plans will help build it too. This ensures the same level of quality throughout the process. With the detailed and approved master plan in hand, our team of skilled in-house crews and craftsman specialists will transform your design into reality. 

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